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Novigrad, a town and port at the western coast of Istria; 15 km southwest of Buje; Situated on a small limestone peninsula comprising in the north, the entrance into the vast bay of the harbour of Mirna. The coast is well-indented, with rocky and pebble beaches. It is a tourist centre with walk path from Dalja on the north to river Mirina on the south. The tourist offer of the coastal ambience includes the possibility of hunting in the Mirna valley, canoeing on the Mirna, etc. Novigrad offer also all recreation and sport service, restaurants with life music. Chief occupations are fishing and tourism.

The town have been build on the island, which have been connect to the continent in 18th century. Novigrat is protected by the wall. The church of St. Anastazia was build between 10th and 11th century. Reminds of the city’s defences are still there. In the palace of the Rigo’s family is the collection of jewel-stone from the past.

Tradition jazz festival Heineken Music Nights is in Novigrad in august. The interest is also folk feast of St. Pelagus, the patron saint of the town, which lasts for three days (end of August).

Novigrad Marina has 86 berths in the sea and 30 places on the land; maximum sea depth 2.2
Sight of Novigrad